E-Cigs and Starter Kits

We stock an extensive range of starter kits for those just entering the world of electronic cigarettes and vaping.  Our kits start from a very low price and include everything you need to get going with a case, charger and liquid.

For those already more experienced in the vaping world, we offer a range of different products from leading companies such as Aspire, Kangertech, Eleaf and Sigelei.

We stock many products from the shelf but if you require a certain model, colour or brand, we can generally have this for you the next day.
Accessories & Spares

Once you've started using electronic cigarettes and got used to vaping, we know that you won't ever want to take up those horrid cigarettes again. So here at the shop, we stock an incredibly wide range of accessories to suit every pocket and every type of person.

Our advice is free and we love to have a chat about vaping. We always have clearomisers, atomisers and tanks in stock. We carry a wide range of different voltage batteries and spinners. We stock coils, wicks and USB chargers. We also sell carry cases, and what you don't see on the shelves we can order in to store for you.
Our E-Liquid Ranges

You've bought the kit, now you need the juice! Here at SimCig, we've got a really great reputation with our customers for stocking the latest e-liquid flavours; we've tried many different companies and we'll keep trying them all!  

Our range is one of the best out there. We stock liquids for the smallest budget but we also keep a fantastic selection of the high end juices for the more experienced vaper who knows what they want.

Our stock is constantly changing, but we always keep the favourites in supply.
High-End Vaping

Now you've reached the best part of Vaping, you've become more experienced and this is where our reputation comes into its own.

We are modders ourselves and can easily advise on the best equipment in the market, the latest innovations and the best way to get the experience that you want from your kit.

We build rigs, can advise on the real specialist stuff, and are always willing to help you progress into drippers, sub-ohm and even building your own box mods.