Thursday, January 9, 2020


The Aspire Nautilus XS tank is a refined and improved version of the original X. Suitable for those making the leap from basic tanks to more performance based.

The Nautilus XS is also featured in the new Aspire Rover 2 Kit which is excellent across the board and well worth looking at in a kit.

Just wanting the tank? No problem read on to see what improvements await...


One of the most common complaints about the original was the position of the airflow made it hard to see its setting and it could easily spin closed if taken direct from a pocket or bag. The Nautilus XS has a lower positioning for Airflow whilst still being located at the top to maintain total leak free control. In addition to that the airflow is larger and more responsive when the end user is controlling it and yet more robust in position when stored away.


The most common negative with the original was the drip tip being a bespoke size and way too thin. The new Peek drip tip is 510 fitting, wider, more heat resistant and a much happier vaping experience.


The original was simple and now this is even easier. Top filling at its very best.